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  With The Promised Neverland just hitting Netflix and its second season on the way, it’s time to get caught up on one of its main characters.

  By Kit Morris

  Published Nov 20, 2020



  While fans wait for the second season of?The Promised Neverland?to release, they may forget some things that happened in the first season. Taking place in an orphanage called Grace Field House, a group of the kids there learn about the dark truths behind the world they knew as their home. They decide to escape, but the mother of the house, Isabella, can’t let that happen.

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  The kids needed to outsmart her in order to leave, and out of all of them, Norman was the smartest. Though fans love the majority of the characters, Norman is one of the best and there is a lot that they need to know about him.


  The Promised Neverland

  Norman is the smartest orphan of Grace Field House, though Ray is just behind him. This has been shown many times throughout the series. While he is a genius in academics as shown by getting perfect scores on his tests, he can also figure out what someone is going to do before they do it. Norman was Isabella’s greatest opponent when it comes to a battle of the mind and his plans were the greatest.



  Many of the children loved to play tag even though they could never beat Norman. In the first episode, he was able to tag everyone and one of the other children indicated that this wasn’t the first time he won. Most people would consider the best players of tag to be fast. However, when Emma and Ray talk about Norman’s victory, Ray explains how the game actually involves a lot of strategy, comparing it to chess.



  After they finished playing tag, the kids wondered why their siblings that left the orphanage never spoke to them again. They assumed that it was because their lives became so much better that they forgot about them and all stated what they wanted to do when they left. Gilda wanted to wear different clothes since all the kids only wore a white uniform, Don wanted to get a girlfriend, Phil wanted to see a train, and Norman wanted to go see the world.


  When Conny was “adopted”, she left her favorite stuffed animal behind. Norman and Emma tried to bring it to her but only found her corpse. Shocked and scared, they hid from the demons using the orphanage as a farm once they heard them.

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  They overheard how they use the children as meat and that Isabella was not the mother they knew, but was actually working with the demons. As Norman and Emma were nearly caught, they escaped. He told her that the two would have to pretend that they didn’t know anything and not tell anyone.



  Once?Emma and Norman began working with Ray, who had also learned about the demons’ existence, Norman thought it would be a good idea to inform Don and Gilda about what was going on. Thinking it was a joke at first, Don laughed it off and refused to believe it but Gilda knew better. She had her suspicions that something was going on. When asked if Conny was safe, Norman lied and gave them false hope.

  The two agreed to join them and became valuable members to the team, though they would later on find out the truth themselves. The five of them began using tag as a way of training so that the younger kids would be able to keep up with them when they escaped.

  The Promised Neverland Ray

  When learning that someone was spying on them and helping Isabella, Norman set up a trap to find out who it was. He hid rope in four locations. He told Don about one, Gilda about another, and lied to Ray about where he told them the rope was. After finding that the rope behind his bed was gone, which is where he told Ray that this is where he told Don it would be, he learned that Ray was the traitor.

  However, he didn’t give up hope on his sibling and realized that Ray was pretending to be Isabella’s spy so he could gain information from her. Ray was always loyal to Norman and Emma.



  The kids decided early on that they would climb over the wall surrounding Grace Field House in order to escape. Since Norman was going to be “adopted” before them, they decided that he would escape first.

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  Norman set everything up so he could climb it but found out that there was a cliff on the other side and walked on it to try to figure out how they could escape and where the demons’ headquarters was located. Thinking that he escaped, Ray and Emma were shocked and outraged that Norman returned. He told them what he found out.


  Norman always put his siblings before himself. He would rather die than lose them. However, Ray felt the exact same way and was furious knowing that he would lose his brother. Norman hugged the two of them goodbye and thanked them for giving him a good life.

  In his final moments at Grace Field House, he said goodbye to all of his siblings as they cried, not knowing how devastating his departure was.?Emma tried to stop him but he decided to go anyway. However, it may not be the last time they see each other.


  Promised Neverland Vol 17 feature

  When Isabella took him away from the orphanage, Norman was prepared to die. However, when they got to the gate, none of the demons had appeared. Instead, Isabella had him go inside of another room. As he went inside, he gasped, and anime viewers are anxiously waiting to find out what happened.

  Though?manga readers know what ended up happening to Norman, the mysteries remain for the rest of the fanbase, especially since the?plot changes between manga and anime?often.


  After Norman supposedly died, Emma and Ray seemed to give up all hope in escaping. However, Ray planned on burning himself alive in order to distract Isabella as the other kids escaped.

  Norman predicted that this would be his plan and told Emma how she could stop him. They set the house on fire as they escaped with the majority of the orphans, all of which learned the truth and did as they were told in order to ensure their survival. The rest of the kids were not old enough to be harvested and fans are excited to see how Emma saves them in the second season.

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