Hello Neighbor 2

Tag: 2021-06-21 20:14

Hey everyone, Summer is coming with the heat, rain, thunder, and lightning. How about the trivia question I asked the last time? The answer could be found at the Scott Fantan Museum in Danbury or looked up online about the history of Danbury, Ct during the Revolutionary War. If you found the statement, “The British are coming;” “The British are coming” that would be part of your answer, and they did. The British thought there was an arsenal of weapons in Danbury, they thought that they would do a surprise attack and either get the ammunition or get rid of it, remember back in those days each side had their spies, but the ingenuity of the Connecticut Yankee, they moved the ammunition to another town so that the British could not find it. When the British did their surprise attack they found nothing. They were so mad that they decided to burn the whole town of Danbury. If you got the answer good for you. You get a pat on the back.

Our topic this month is about how the elderly deal with the heat.

Most senior citizens can handle the heat because of air condition; however, there are those few that want to live as though they were living in the fifties or sixties, that includes pulling down the shade or pulling the curtains, keeping the windows shut. They may have an old fashion fan going that is on its last legs. These are the seniors we need to help either knocking on their door, calling Social Services to do a wellness check or call a family member to come and take there elderly relative out of the house. However, this is the time that is extremely dangerous, elderly people can be hyperthermic, dehydrated and falling. The elderly also think they are freezing when in fact their bodies are trying to cool itself, so they layer sweaters and blankets on themselves. No matter whether you are the next-door neighbor, mailperson, or the elders minister you are a mandated reporter. You can also call the police for a safety check or even the fire department if you think something is wrong. You do not have to give your name.

Now let’s turn to another topic, dehydration, for example, depending on your weight you need fluids on hot days, so take your weight, divide by 2 that will give you the amount of ounces you need for that day. For example, if you weighed 200 lbs. divide by 2 that brings you to 100, that say you need 100 ounces for twenty four hours. I do believe that will come to 8 glasses of fluid for the whole day. That does not include coffee or tea. Coffee has caffeine and it is an antihistamine.

There are quite a few cooling places, for example, the senior center, YMCA for swimming, put an air conditioner in the house, call 211 to see where there are other cooling stations around your town. Have a happy safe summer.

The next question is not a trivia question but: We have Memorial Day coming up and the Fourth of July. My next question is : Where were you when they announced WWII either beginning or ending, the Korean Conflict was announced, Viet Nam conflict either beginning or ending, 9/11 conflict was announced. If you put something in patch please put under my article and keep it short.

Susan Balla BS AB HHA CNA

Ministry on Aging