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  Pokemon GO: Every Shiny Eevee Evolution, Ranked

  By Amanda Steele

  Updated Jun 20, 2021


  Collecting every shiny Eeveelution is a fun challenge that many decide to take on. Here are all of them, ranked by how nice their shiny coat is!

  shiny eeveelutions lead image

  If you’re a devoted player of Pokemon GO, you’ve probably made it part of your mission on the game to collect all of the Eeveelutions. Along with the normal evolutions of Eevee, dedicated players also want to evolve the shiny versions, too.

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  For this ranking, we’re not just looking at appearance. We’ll look at appearance in conjunction with max CP, stats, and potential in battle as well, to provide this list of all of the best shiny Eevee evolutions ranked from worst to best.

  Updated on June 20, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Since the initial publication of this post, all of the Eeveelutions are officially released, along with their shiny variants. We’ve refreshed it to give a bit more weight to battle potential, as well as to add Sylveon into the ranking properly.?Whether you prefer your Eevee evolutions shiny or in their regular coloring, they all stand as pretty decent attackers in battle, though they’re rarely the top choice. We’ve looked all of the important details to rank the shiny Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO according to the current meta.?


  eevee and shiny eevee

  While Eevee isn’t an Eeveelution in the technical sense,?it is the start of it all. The shiny version of Eevee is pretty neat, muting out the vibrant brown for more of a pale grey. The colors are washed out and give a more subtle look to this fan-favorite Pokemon.

  Even though it has a nice shiny variant, it will of course rank the lowest on this list because it’s virtually unusable in most battle formats.

  Eevee is a Normal-type that has a max CP of?1,210 (1,071 at level 40) and?104/114/146 max Attack/Defense/Stamina. If you’re looking to evolve shiny Eevees, you’ll want to make sure their stats are maxed out to get the most powerful versions that you can. This is especially true if you haven’t used?any?of the nickname tricks yet, as you’ll easily be able to evolve your Eevee into the shiny Eeveelution you want without the hassle.

  flareon and shiny flareon

  Flareon is?one of the three Eeveelutions that were included when the game was first released, along with Jolteon and Vaporeon.?A?Fire-type that has a max CP 0f 3,424 (level 40: 3029),?Flareon?has a nice max Attack/Defense/Stamina distribution of 246/179/163.

  Flareon is an alright Pokemon to have when you need a Fire-type, but it pales in comparison to others, like Moltres, Heatran, Entei, Reshiram, and more. It doesn’t have access to a fantastic array of moves, either. However, since it isn’t a Legendary, it can be much cheaper to power up a Flareon than many of the top Fire-types.

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  Flareon?is boosted by sunny weather, which is good to note if you’re trying to battle with your shiny Eevee evolutions. As far as appearance is concerned, the shiny Flareon is mostly just a muted version of the original. The coat is a more gold/tan color as opposed to a brighter orange/red that the original has. It’s alright, but it’s not the best shiny Eeveelution by any metric.


  leafeon and shiny leafeon

  Leafeon is one of the newer additions to the game as far as Eeveelutions are concerned. This is the Grass-type evolution and has a max CP of 3,328 (level 40: 2,944). While?its max CP is lower than Flareon’s, Leafeon isn’t necessarily that much worse. For its stat spread, it has?216 /219/163 for max Attack, Defense, and Stamina. The problem is, Grass-types don’t have much place in the PvE meta, though they aren’t totally useless.

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  Shiny Leafeon is nice, if not a bit subtle. The colors become a bit darker and more vibrant, which is a nice differentiation from its normal manila-yellow that so many Pokemon are.

  If you’re working to collect all the shiny Eeveelutions, this one might not be in your Pokedex yet. You can evolve as many shiny Eevee into Leafeon as you want, though, because they evolve into this Grass-type when you’re near an active Mossy Lure. It isn’t random like Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon after you’ve used their nickname tricks.

  jolteon and shiny jolteon

  Jolteon is the Electric-type Eeveelution, introduced in Generation I with Vaporeon and Flareon.?The shiny version of Jolteon is not for everyone, but others love it. Jolteon’s coat changes from a bright yellow-gold to almost lime?green.?It’s not the most appealing color ever, but it is a fun change that’s a lot less subtle than other Eeveelutions.

  With a max Attack/Defense/Stamina spread of 232/182/163, Jolteon definitely packs a punch, but it’s a bit of a glass cannon. Once upon a time, Jolteon was the ruler of Electric-types, but it has since been outclassed by other Pokemon, like Electivire and Raikou. However, it still has some use in PvP, especially the Ultra League. Its max CP is 3,265 (2,888 at level 40).


  vaporeon and shiny vaporeon

  Vaporeon was one of the original Eeveelutions and has a max CP of 3,521 (level 40: 3,114).?Players who have been around since Pokemon GO’s release might remember a time when ol’ Vaporeon was the undisputed champion of the game, easily being the best attacker against gyms. However, those days are long past, and Vaporeon has been knocked down the tier list several times, blow by blow.

  Nowadays, it’s a nice budget option, but it’s significantly outclassed by Kyogre, Gyarados, Palkia, Swampert, and many more. It sees some use in the GO Battle League, with middling potential. However, it’s once again outclassed by other options in every league.?Fortunately, with its 277 max Stamina, it can stay on its feet for a pretty decent amount of time. Its Attack is okay, maxing at 205, while its Defense is a bit disappointing at 161.

  As for its shiny, Vaporeon’s new magenta coloring is definitely eye-catching. It’s probably one of the most drastic changes of any Eeveelution between the normal and shiny variants, and it’s definitely one of the more appealing ones.

  sylveon and shiny sylveon

  Sylveon’s battle potential is on par with Vaporeon and Jolteon, but it ranks a bit higher than them thanks to its absolutely fantastic shiny form. Swapping out its pink for blue (and bits of blue for pink), Sylveon’s shiny is a standout that perfectly matches with its normal coloring. The two together are really great.

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  As for its combat potential, Sylveon is?okay.?It’s a decent option for a Fairy-type attacker, especially when you’re on a (candy) budget.?With a max CP of 3,470 (3.069 at level 40), and 203/205/216 in max Attack/Defense/Stamina, it just can’t measure up to other Fairy-type attackers like Togekiss and Gardevoir. It’ll do alright in PvP, especially since it’s a good check on commonly-used Pokemon like Giratina and Dialga, but it still doesn’t measure up to Togekiss in higher?leagues or Wigglytuff/Clefable in lower ones.


  umbreon and shiny umbreon

  Umbreon might be one of the most sleekly designed Eeveelutions, and its shiny is just different enough to be a standout while being subtle enough to not be garish. While Umbreon’s black and yellow design is iconic?and screams night-sky-with-stars, the shiny also gives off a nightfall vibe, but one that’s a bit more romantic and subdued with the black and blue. Either way, the night-like aesthetic is perfect for this Pokemon that’s so commonly associated with the night.

  As for its battle potential, we’re finally getting somewhere on this ranking. Before the introduction of PvP, Umbreon was among the lower ranks of Eeveelutions due to its low CP and Attack. Now, though, it excels in both the Great and Ultra leagues, ranking in the upper tiers of all Pokemon.

  With a max CP of 2,416 (level 40: 2,137), Umbreon is an alright defender in gyms, but not great as an attacker. In the Battle League, though, it’s one of the best. Due to its low Attack and high Defense (126 max Attack, 240 max Defense, and 216 max Stamina), it’ll stay standing for a long time against most attackers, save for Fighting-types. It never used to be that great in the Ultra League, but with the Best Buddy boost, it’ll be a massive tank and check common opponents like Giratina.

  glaceon and shiny glaceon

  Glaceon is the Ice-type Eeveelution, added to the game at the same time as Leafeon. Glaceon’s max CP is 3,535 (level 40: 3,126), which is very nice. For max stats, you’re looking at?238/205/163 in Attack/Defense/Stamina. These might not look that impressive, but in PvE, Glaceon is a fantastic choice. Sure, it’ll be outclassed by Ice-types like Mamoswine and Weavile, but it is a fantastic addition if you don’t have six of the top Ice-type attackers. Glaceon is comfortably “B-team” material.

  PvP is another matter, as it doesn’t shine too much. Against the Dragon- and Ground-types of the Ultra and Master leagues like Giratina and Groudon, it’s pretty good, but Ice isn’t great defensively and Glaceon doesn’t have a lot of bulk.

  As for its shiny, it isn’t winning any awards, but it is very pretty. It’s probably one of the most subtle changes on the entire list, swapping out some of the teal for a slightly bluer and lighter color. It definitely looks more “icy” in its shiny version, so that’s nice.


  espeon and shiny espeon

  Espeon is one of the most elegant looking of the Eevee evolutions, but the shiny version is quite different from the original. The regular Espeon has a light?purple-pink?coat while shiny Espeon?has a bright green one. It’s easy to draw a comparison to a cartoon alien, what with the bright green coloring, antenna-like tail, and round face.

  While the shiny Espeon?might be a bit strange-looking, Espeon is?easily the best?Eeveelution?in battle. With a max CP of?3,583 (3,170 at level 40) and max Attack/Defense/Stamina of 261/175/163, it dominates against Fighting- and Poison-type raids and gym defenders like Machamp and Venusaur.

  Its max Attack stat is the second-highest of any Eeveelution stat (just behind Vaporeon’s max of 271 in Stamina), placing it just behind the absolute behemoths of the Psychic-type like Mewtwo and Latios. Like Glaceon, it’s a fantastic B-team choice, but it can make its way onto the A-team easily, especially given how much more obtainable it is than other Psychic-type top-tiers.

  As for PvP… let’s not talk about it. It’s bad. But! For the Eeveelutions in general, it’s definitely the best in PvE, no contest.

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