[dragon age 4]Dragon Age 4: Why Bringing Back the Inquisition Will Be Harder Than Just the Inquisitor

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  Bringing back the Inquisitor for Dragon Age 4 may be far easier and more likely than the return of the Inquisition itself as an organization.

  By Charlie Stewart

  Published May 31, 2021



  Dragon Age 4 is on the way, taking fans of the franchise to the Tevinter Imperium for the first time as the new player character fights to stop Solas from destroying the Veil between Thedas and the Fade. In the last game, the player character was seen as “the Herald of Andraste” and as the leader of the Inquisition had an entire army at their disposal. According to the next game’s developers, the new protagonist will explore “what happens when you don’t have power.”

  That doesn’t mean that the Inquisition will have no role to play in Dragon Age 4. However, there are reasons that bringing back the Inquisition could prove harder than bringing back the Inquisitor alone, and some other interesting ways the consequences of the last game could be felt as the Dread Wolf’s plan gains momentum.

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  Dragon Age 4 Hawke Inquisitor Warden

  There’s a precedent for the Inquisitor’s return, and some reasons the last game’s player character may be likely to make an appearance. Dragon Age: Inquisition saw Hawke return from Dragon Age 2, with either a diplomatic, humorous, or aggressive personality. While the Warden’s disappearance after Origins has always seemed odd – especially if they are one of the rulers of Ferelden – Hawke’s return created a much-needed sense of continuity between the games in a series that’s always changing protagonist.

  At the end of Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC, the Inquisitor loses the arm that had the Anchor embedded in it. This could allow for the Inquisitor to return in a less active role in Dragon Age 4, explaining why they aren’t on the front lines like in Inquisition but allowing them to act as a mentor to Dragon Age 4’s player character. This may even be necessary for the plot.


  The Inquisitor has a far closer relationship with Solas the Dread Wolf than Dragon Age 4’s hero is likely to have at first, and interactions between the two player characters could help catch Dragon Age 4’s protagonist up to speed. Otherwise, there could be the risk that Dragon Age 4’s protagonist?will feel?like they’re picking up the Inquisitor’s story without the same level of in-character personal involvement.

  When it comes to the return of the Inquisition itself, however, Trespasser causes more problems than it creates opportunities. At the end of Trespasser, the Inquisition is either incorporated into the Andrastian Chantry or dissolved entirely. Either way, it is no longer the organization it was during Dragon Age: Inquisition.



  BioWare tends to avoid focusing on the choices from previous Dragon Age games that could affect the next game’s plot too radically. It is unlikely that BioWare will have two versions of Dragon Age 4’s story, one where the Inquisition appears in a main role, and one where it doesn’t. To do so would likely require another organization like the Grey Wardens to take the Inquisition’s place in the story in cases where the player dissolved the organization, which?would likely confuse the plot as well as drawing attention to the functional irrelevance of Trespasser’s final major decision.

  Trespasser also already made it clear that most of the main companions from?Dragon Age: Inquisition would no longer be Inquisition agents?by?Dragon Age 4. Varric is the Viscount of Kirkwall, Dorian is a Tevinter magister, one of the Inquisitor’s companions is the Divine Victoria of the Chantry, and so on. This could allow for all of these characters to return regardless of the decision made at the end of Trespasser, because they are unlikely to be directly working for the Inquisition any more even if it still exists. In fact, the Dragon Age 4 teaser trailer already practically confirms Varric’s return as a companion.


  It will be far easier for BioWare to incorporate characters who were in Inquisition into Dragon Age 4 than it will be to incorporate the Inquisition as an organization into the plot. However, there are also still some interesting ways that the Inquisition’s legacy could be felt throughout the next game.

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  Tevinter Minrathous Dragon Age

  There are plenty of ways the Inquisition’s legacy could be felt, even if it was disbanded. One of the big reveals hinted to be on the way in Dragon Age 4 is the true identity of the Executors, for example. In Inquisition, Executor markings begin popping up across the Inquisition’s outposts. Depending on player decisions, entire outposts of Inquisition agents can even go missing, with the Executors sending this mysterious message: “Do not look for your men; do not mourn them. They have given themselves of their own free will to a higher cause.”


  These Inquisition agents could return as part of the Executors, allowing some of the foot soldiers of the Inquisition to have?a presence in the next game even if the organization itself no longer exists. If the player chose to keep the Inquisition operating as part of the Chantry, it seems likely that BioWare will mention that in dialogue. However, the Tevinter Imperium has its own church – the Imperial Chantry – which is separate from the Chantry in the south and will?allow BioWare to avoid examining the changes to the Andrastian Chantry and the Inquisition too directly.

  In terms of the Trespasser decision’s effect on Tevinter, it’s likely that the Andrastian Chantry controlling the Inquisition will be mentioned as a further cause of further conflict between the two versions of the Chantry. This in turn could make Tevinter’s conflict with the Qunari even worse – it was only the combined efforts of the Andrastian and Imperial Chantry that were able to drive them off the continent at the end of the Qunari Wars. After Trespasser showed the Qunari attempting to use Eluvians to assassinate southern leaders, the deteriorating relationship between Tevinter and the south could?make things worse – but whether the Inquisition’s role is one of the given reasons for that deteriorating relationship will likely just be a dialogue detail.


  The Inquisition itself is likely to become a small part of a far bigger picture whether it was disbanded or merged into the Chantry, similar to the reduce role of the Wardens after Dragon Age: Origins. The return of characters from Inquisition?is certain, and the return of the Inquisitor is very possible if not likely. However, if Dragon Age 4 is going to tell a story about a protagonist without power, it may be in the game’s best interest to leave the might of the Inquisition behind.

  Dragon Age 4?is in development.

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