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  From traveling the globe to traversing through time, these five Sims 3 expansions add significant content additions to the already massive game.

  By Jacob Creswell

  Published Mar 18, 2021



  The Sims 3?brought the series into the realm of open-world games. This felt like a natural progression for the?Sims?series that opened the door for the game’s expansions to be far more creative with their content, of which there would be plenty.?The Sims 3?saw new expansions, stuff packs and online store content that would add everything from new gameplay features to new furniture items.

  However, not all of these expansions were received equally by players. Packs like?Katy Parry’s Sweet Treats?and?Showtime?are often considered some of the worst expansions that the?Sims?series has ever seen. However,?The Sims 3?is also home to some of the most ambitious and game-changing expansions that greatly revolutionized the possibilities of the series. According to critics from the Internet Gaming Database and Metacritic, here are the five best?Sims 3?expansion packs.


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  Expansion packs that add weather and seasons into the game are always well-received by Simmers, and?The Sims 3: Seasons?is no exception. With an overall rating of 78,?Seasons?seems to be a rare shine of quality in?The Sims 3’s later expansions, though certainly not the last. This expansion added seasons and weather into the game, along with the various activities and decorations that players would expect to see with these new seasons.

  Critics praised the sheer amount of content packed into?Seasons and how it felt like a necessary addition to help the world of?The Sims?feel much more real. While many of the game’s expansions were targeted to a particular kind of player,?Seasons?felt like a pack that made the game far more enjoyable for all kinds of players.?The biggest criticism the expansion received was that much of the enhancement content could sometimes feel surface-level and lacking in depth compared to other expansions.


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  Pets and animals are almost always a welcomed addition to?The Sims.?With the new open-world format,?Pets?delivered tons of new ways for Sims to interact with their companions. Walking dogs, playing at the park and even riding horses were all additions that benefited greatly from the?Sims 3’s open-world. With how customizable the?Sims 3?was with tools like Create-A-Pattern, it was no surprise that?Pets?also offered new ways to create the perfect cat, dog or horse for a family.

  As far as critics were concerned,?Pets?was a welcomed addition that received similar praises to?Seasons. They called it one of the most detailed expansions for?The Sims?yet, praising the new level of gameplay offered with the pets. Criticisms for this expansion are light, though many did note?that the expansion may sometimes get in the way of players when they aren’t running a household with pets.


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  The final expansion for?The Sims 3 was?Into the Future, an expansion that let players travel?through time and see how their Sims’ actions impacted the future. This expansion added three possible versions of the future, including a dystopian and utopian version. Players could also get plenty of futuristic furniture and items to enhance their Sims modern lives, something that some criticized for breaking the game’s balance.

  Into the Future’s reviews generally agreed that it was a great send-off for?The Sims 3, though many felt the promos for?The Sims 4?included within were somewhat of a disappointing?conclusion?to one of the expansions explorable locations. One of the biggest points of praise came with the addition of plumbots, an advanced robot that Sims could design and purchase for their household. There were also sleep-pods, hoverboards, flying cars and jetpacks to scratch that future-tech itch for many sci-fi fans.


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  The?Supernatural?expansion certainly isn’t for everyone, but the people who love elements of magic in their?Sims?games will absolutely love?it. This pack has a massive amount of content and was certainly praised for being one of the game’s most substantial additions. Werewolves, witches, fairies and ghosts were all made playable in this expansion, whilst the vampires from?Late Night?were greatly expanded upon.

  With options for almost every kind of?Sims?player, critics were incredibly impressed with?Supernatural. One particular note from critics was that the gothic and horror themes gave the expansion a delightful, cheery spin, which is surprisingly unique for those genres. Of course, those who like to keep their?Sims?experience grounded in reality will naturally dislike this expansion, though it’s almost worth installing for the clothing and furniture alone.


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  World Adventures?was the first expansion released for?The Sims 3, kicking things off extraordinarily well with critics. The expansion currently has the highest combined critic score for?Sims 3’s expansions, with many critics complimenting the wealth of content and what was, at the time, a new approach to?Sims?content that would focus on the future expansions for the series. From today’s viewpoint,?World Adventures?may not have aged well when looking at some of the later expansions, but it was an essential addition for the?Sims?series.


  In terms of its content,?World Adventures?let Sims travel to three new towns themed around locations across the globe, including Egypt, China and France. Sims could explore ancient tombs, learn martial arts, meet the locals, learn about new cultures and even eventually buy a home in these international locations. There’s a lot to do in?World Adventures?that certainly took the idea of Sims going on vacation to a level that hadn’t quite been seen before.

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