[Days Gone]Days Gone Actor, Designer Want to Make Live Action Short

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  Days Gone may not be getting a sequel, but several key people who worked on the project are teasing a live-action short for the future.

  By Clayton Cyre

  Published Jun 03, 2021


  days gone live action

  Days Gone recently made waves when it released on PC, but fans of the survival horror action game may be delighted to know that another project centered on the IP is being teased.

  Bend Studio recently shared a Twitter post in which?it thanked the Days Gone community for its enthusiasm and passion that fans have for the world of the game and the characters that inhabit it. Alongside tons of fans reacting to the post, several notable names joined the replies to discuss the potential future of Days Gone. And hopefully this post will bring even more attention to the potential Days Gone live-action short and help make it a reality.

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  This all started when a fan of Bend Studio joined the conversation to tweet Director Stephen Ford in the replies asking how fans can help him and Ascender make a live-action Days Gone short with Sam Witwer. Ford responded to this fan with great interest, while Witwer announced that he’s willing to grow his beard out for the project. Witwer was quick to point out that the Days Gone leads all look like their characters and that cutscenes of them in character have already been shot for the game, so a live-action short would apparently be “pretty one to one.”


  Lead Designer at Bend Studio Eric Jensen joined the Days Gone live-action movie talk when he said he may not legally be able to join the project, but he wants to work on the project in some way. Jensen also offered to co-direct despite the potential legal conflict, with Ford expected to be the main director of the project. Sam Witwer is working on a new video game project, but he expressed enthusiasm with the prospect of having Jensen on as co-director.

  Yes and yes and sure.

  Seriously, though… The leads all look like their characters. …and we shot those cutscenes… So it would be pretty one to one.

  — Sam Witwer (@SamWitwer) June 2, 2021

  Stephen Ford stated bluntly that?he would?literally drop everything that he’s working on right now in order to work with Eric Jensen and Sam Witwer on?the currently hypothetical “totally not real but would be insanely awesome” live-action Days Gone short.?Ford has expressed interest in video game adaptations in the past and in the same Twitter thread, shared enthusiasm for working with the duo on any project.?With each of these Days Gone originals being so enthusiastic about a?this live-action short, it may be a project that sees the light of day in the future.


  With Days Gone available on PlayStation and PC now, a live-action short would be a great way to show?other gamers what they’re missing. Whether a Days Gone sequel is in the works or not, this Days Gone short could help breathe more life into the franchise.?These are currently just rumblings on Twitter as of now, but this Days Gone project may see the light of day.

  Days Gone is available right now for PC and PS4.

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