[Wargroove]Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto, And Wargroove Leaving Xbox Game Pass

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  Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto, And Wargroove Leaving Xbox Game Pass

  By Vaspaan Dastoor

  Published Apr 03, 2021


  Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto, And Wargroove will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon.


  There’s no denying the popularity of Xbox Game Pass. Not only does it give subscribers access to freshly launched games, but with the recent Zenimax acquisition, players can also go back and play some of Bethesda’s big releases. However, with the addition of new games, some of the older ones must be pushed out. This time it’s Deliver Us the Moon, Gato Roboto, and Wargroove who have to make way.


  Deliver Us the Moon takes place in a near-future post-apocalyptic setting. Earth has exhausted most of its natural resources, and has to resort to harvesting a mysterious energy source from the Moon. However, all communication from the Moon goes black, and it’s up to you to investigate what happened to the team and the energy source. The game is a rather short experience, so it will be easy to knock this one out before it leaves the subscription service.

  Gato Roboto sees you take the roll of a cat in a mech suit. The indie is a 2D metroidvania with artistic black and white visuals. Your mech kitty must fight through hordes of alien creatures with an ever growing arsenal of guns, rockets, and more. Like Deliver Us the Moon, Gato Roboto is also a short experience – four hours in fact – so you could probably roll credits on this one before it leaves Xbox Game Pass as well.


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  The last one on the list is Wargroove.The turn-based strategy game tasks players with choosing one of a number of commanders to play single-player, multiplayer, and cooperative game modes. However, unlike the other two games on the list, Wargroove’s single player campaign is a bit longer, so you might have to go on a few marathon sessions if you’re looking to complete it before it leaves Microsoft’s subscription service.

  However, while these three games are leaving the service, April will see games like MLB The Show 21, Breathedge, and NHL 21 coming to Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, Games with Gold subscribers will get access to games like Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Truck Racing: Championship, Dark Void, and Hard Corps: Uprising.


  In Microsoft’s latest attempt at showing its dedication to backwards compatibility, the company recently announced that Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to 16 Xbox and Xbox 360 games on Xbox Cloud, letting them play classic games on their phones.

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