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  Yakuza 0 features fantastic Substories for players to experience, and here is a look at the best ones that star Goro Majima.

  By Johnny Garcia

  Published Apr 13, 2021



  Yakuza 0 is the start of the Yakuza storyline, giving players a look into the lives of both Kiryu and Majima. Taking place in the ’80s, it references many events that previous Yakuza games made mention of.

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  One of these events is what happened with Majima during this time. Yakuza 0 marked the first time he was a playable character in a main game and showed what he was like before he became the crazy man we all love. Like every Yakuza game, there’s plenty of Substories to do and each protagonist receives their own list of them. Majima’s Substories have a lot to offer, from callbacks to previous games to outright silliness.


  yakuza 0 statue street performer

  The Entertainer’s Throne unlocks in Chapter 4, where a street performer pretending to be a statue asks Majima for assistance. What does he need help with? None other than distracting the crowd so that he can go to the bathroom of course.

  Majima can distract in a variety of ways, one of them including singing and dancing (which confirms Majima knows the lyrics to 24 Hour Cinderella by heart). Once some thugs come looking for a fight, that gives the street performer enough time to flee. It’s one of the more silly Substories in Yakuza 0, and also one of Majima’s best.

  yakuza 0 majima seeing a couple

  From The Heart is one of the earlier Substories available for Majima, and shows what kind of character he has in Yakuza 0. He comes across a helpless romantic who is desperately trying to find a necklace for his girlfriend.

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  However, the necklace is sold out everywhere. Luckily, Majima bumps into a forger who agrees to help him. This leads to a series of misunderstandings where the helpless romantic is being attacked by the forger’s men. After a fight, everyone realizes what’s going on, and the man gets his necklace.


  yakuza 0 majima taking experimental drug

  Majima comes across an ad plastered to a wall on the west-side of Sotenbori (right next to where the Breakdancers hangs out). It advertises being a part of a clinical trial with a reward of ten Million Yen.

  Majima is given three experimental drugs, however, they all have negative effects on him. You’re tasked with beating a group of enemies in a time limit while under the influence of said drugs. You’re handsomely rewarded, as you are actually given the ten million yen. Majima doesn’t want to stick around though and runs away vowing to never try something like it again.

  yakuza 0 mir libido first encounter

  In both Kamurocho and Sotenbori, a man by the name of Mr. Libido can be found. Of the two, Sotenbori is definitely the more out there, dressing in only underwear hanging outside of the erotic video store Gandhara Sotenbori.

  The Substory itself is not particularly long, in fact, it is only the meeting with Mr. Libido. The Substory ends after and unlocks the ability to befriend him throughout the game. Despite this, Sotenbori’s Mr. Libido is one of the most memorable side characters in the entire game despite his limited appearances and makes his Substory stand out.


  yakuza 0 majima talking with tax guy

  While walking through one of the alleys of Sotenbori, Majima will come across a man being yelled out. He jumped in and fights off the thugs, of which the man thanks him by buying him a drink.

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  Turns out, the man was a politician and asks Majima about how he feels about some of the things he’s trying to propose. Much of it involves raising taxes, and Majima gives the man confidence in his choice. After the Substory ends, Majima realizes that he might be the reason that taxes are about the rise.

  yakuza 0 park bathrooms

  At the public bathroom at the park in Sotenbori, Majima will come across writing on the wall asking for people interested in a good time. Majima decides to interact with it, writing a response to see what happens.

  However, Majima gets ambushed at the meeting spot. He fights them off and walks off, kicking himself for being so gullible. Sadly for Majima, the woman from the writing was real, the two believing the other to be fake. It’s one of the more ridiculous Substories in the game and the absurdity?never slows down from start to finish with it.


  yakuza 0 majima on a fake date

  Right outside of The Grand, Majima will run into a woman who asks him to be her boyfriend. Majima is taken aback by it at first before she explains she only wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to trick her dad.

  This leads to the two with dinner with her dad, where Majima has to pretend he’s been in a long-term relationship with her. This can lead to a ton of funny interactions based on your dialogue options, but even with the right choices, the truth comes out. Either way, it’s one of the most memorable Substories in Majima’s story.

  yakuza 0 Ryuji Goda

  One of the first Substories you can do as Majima is one where he encounters a man in his underwear who asks for Majima to get his pants back (after Majima defeats him when he tries to steal his).

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  This leads to you the kid known as the “Bontan Hunter.” Fans of the Yakuza series will recognize the Bontan Hunter as Ryuji Goda, the main antagonist from Yakuza 2. Majima is able to defeat him and get the pants back. Later, Majima returns to see that Ryuji Goda was attacked as revenge, but easily overpowered his attackers.


  yakuza 0 stranger face and majima

  The Man With The Stranger’s Face is widely considered to be the saddest Substory in all of Yakuza 0. A man can be found watching a child play with his mother. Majima approaches him and it turns out the man is the child’s father.

  The man was forced to change his appearance after being threatened by yakuza and is unable to interact with his family again. The park is the only place he can safely do so. There are a few fights with yakuza who come looking for him, but Majima fends them off. The man and his son share a heartfelt moment, but a bittersweet one because they still can’t be together.

  yakuza 0 majima doing the hustle

  After coming across a nervous mother, Majima finds himself joining a cult to save her daughter. He has to go through tons of trials in order to gain their trust and enter their ranks.

  They do all sorts of crazy rituals with ridiculous phrases like “Onast” and “Shooreh Pippi.” Both the right and wrong answers are a treat, including Majima dancing the Hustle. Eventually, Majima fights the leader of the cult, who all try to heal him with the garbage he had been feeding them. Disciple Of The New Order has so many iconic moments, it’s hard to put it anywhere but the top when it comes to Majima’s Substories.

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