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From Laurel Lance’s death to the disappearance of The Flash, here are 10 great examples of foreshadowing that occurred in the Arrowverse.

By Dave Bath

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CW’s The Arrowverse?features?several popular DC Comics superheroes and villains. Each series?stars?a different superhero or vigilante. Surviving the Arrowverse isn’t as easy as it seems. The Arrowverse?includes?a long list of heartbreaking moments and shocking twists.

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The shared universe often foreshadows events in the series. A subtle comment or future news headline can end up becoming true or have dire consequences. Several?minor?details show up early in an episode or season, foreshadowing?new characters, gut-wrenching moments, and catastrophic events in the future. The Arrowverse hinted at several significant events that helped shape and change the shared universe.


Barry Allen standing in his Flash suit

Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, is the first?superhero in the Arrowverse?and set the tone for everything that followed.?During season 2 of Arrow, the series introduced Barry Allen before he started on?The Flash.?However, the series also dropped hints about Barry’s appearance early in the season.

In the season 2 Arrow episode. “City of Heroes,” while Oliver and Thea are talking, a TV in the background features a news report on Channel 52. The?reporter?briefly mentions the opening of the particle accelerator in Central City. Of course, the particle accelerator explosion gives Barry his superpowers.

Dr. Caitlin Snow usually stays in S.T.A.R. Labs while?Flash takes care of the big bad of the season. She’s sweet, shy, and is a key member of Team Flash. However, her alter-ego, Frost, isn’t as kind. Caitlin becoming Frost is a significant storyline during the third season of?The Flash. However, the series drops a big hit early in the series.

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In the show’s season 1 episode “Thing You Can’t Outrun,”?Caitlin and Barry discuss her former boyfriend, Ronnie. She notes Ronnie often referred to them as fire and ice. Caitlin’s subtle comment was a hint that Ronnie would return as Firestorm and her inner Frost was about to emerge.


In the?Legends of Tomorrow season 1 episode “Blood Ties,”?Rip Hunter states, “I’ve seen darker days, I’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall.” Fans instantly realized he was referencing Superman and Batman. At that point, most fans assumed neither character would join the?Arrowverse.

Of course, Batman and Superman soon?appeared?in the shared universe. Superman first appeared in Supergirl?before starring in the new series Superman & Lois.?Batwoman?mentions Batman several times, including flashbacks. An alternate version of Batman also appears in Crisis as well.

Throughout season 4 of Arrow, flashbacks reveal that someone close to Oliver passes away.?Oliver and Team Arrow battled numerous?merciless?villains, but few compare to Damien Darhk. The episode “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” reveals that Damien killed Laurel after stabbing her with an arrow.

However, the series dropped several hints that Laurel was living on borrowed time. During?the episode, Oliver and Quentin convince Laurel to give up The Black Canary. However,?she decides to be the Canary “one last time” so she could help to bring Damien Darkh to justice. It truly ends up being her last time as The Black Canary.


Elseworlds Clark Kent Lois Lane Kara Danvers

Superman & Lois?is the latest addition to the Arrowverse. Of course, Superman and Lois Lane appeared in the?shared universe several times. However, a scene from Crisis on Infinite Earths?hinted at a series revolving around Superman and Lois raising a family in Smallville.

In the crossover episode, “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part II,” Lois, Clark, and Iris West travel to Earth-167 and meet Smallville’s Clark Kent/Superman. He explains that he gave up his powers to raise a family with Lois on his family farm. The new series follows a similar storyline.

Hush Tommy Elliot batwoman

In Batwoman, Tommy Elliot’s been obsessed with Bruce Wayne for most of his life. He?ends up in Arkham Asylum with the leader of the Wonderland Gang, Alice. Tommy’s obsession with Bruce becomes more intense while incarcerated.

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During a confrontation, Alice mocks Tommy as a “Bruce Wayne wannabe” and emphasizes that he’ll never be Bruce. Of course, Tommy literally becomes Bruce. Tommy agrees to have surgery and gets a new face, which happens to be Bruce Wayne.


Lex Luthor looking pleased with himself at the White House

In?Supergirl, the evil and ruthless Lex Luthor is already in prison for his heinous crimes. However, Lex Luthor is one of?National City’s most famous and brilliant geniuses. Prison wouldn’t be able to hold him for long. The series spent the first three seasons foreshadowing Lex’s eventual appearance. Throughout the series, several characters mention Lex’s name or his past crimes. He also appears in several flashbacks as a child.

In the season 4 episode “O Brother, Where Art Thou,” Lex finally makes his first appearance.?The series took?its time building up to his first appearance in the show. Of course, he returns to his criminal empire and evil ways.

Jennifer and Anissa in Black Lightning

Black Lightning?starts with the police stopping High School Principal Jefferson Pierce on a stormy night. Jefferson’s daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, witness the police accuse their father of?a crime he didn’t commit.?Fans who paid close attention notice the intense scene revealed the daughter’s future superhero aliases.

As the police leave, Jefferson’s powers briefly emerge because of his anger. Jennifer’s voice-over then states, “with thunder and lightning as a witness, that Black Lightning was born again.”?After discovering their meta-human abilities, Anissa and Jennifer use the names Thunder and Lightning, respectively.


Oliver Queen In Arrow Gryffindor

Oliver Queen suffered through several tragedies and heartbreaking moments. In the end, he sacrificed?himself to save the multiverse. However, the series foreshadowed?his tragic passing one year earlier. During the crossover event?Elseworlds,?Oliver?promises The Monitor to?sacrifice himself instead of?Barry and Kara. He?makes a deal to take their place and?save the multiverse.

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Oliver’s agreement hints at?his death and the conclusion of the first series in the Arrowverse. Season 7 ends with The Monitor reuniting Felicity?with Oliver in the future. Of course, that implies Oliver didn’t survive the event in the past. The majority of Arrow’s final season revolves around Oliver preparing for the upcoming Crisis.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen The Flash

The Crisis on Infinite Earths brought all the superheroes together, including Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Superman, and The Legends. The Flash?dropped a major hint for the incredible crossover in the first episode. Harrison Wells reads a future newspaper headline that indicates Flash disappears during Crisis.

Barry Allen deals with devastating loss and painful betrayals throughout his life.?The future newspaper headline-only adds more pressure on Barry. The headline and article slightly change over the years but appear several times in the series. It?suggests?that Flash?vanishes?trying to save the multiverse. The impending doom hangs over Barry Allen for several seasons. Of course, Oliver takes his place in the end.

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