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  It’s weird, it’s wild, and it just might work!

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  contestants on Sexy Beasts

  It’s weird, it’s wild, and it just might work! Netflix is gearing up to release its hot new dating series that comes with a really serious twist. Sexy Beasts is set to take the world by storm. It’s far from being your average dating show. In fact, we guarantee that you’ve never seen anything quite like this before!

  People who are interested in dating shows and dating games, but find them to be based solely on someone’s aesthetic appearance, can rest assured the tables have turned. Sexy Beasts puts each contestant into heavy makeup and prosthetics to ensure their physical features are disguised, making this a truly unique dating show that is actually based solely on personality. Here’s what we know about this creative new show so far…


  CNN reveals that each episode is centralized around a single person who wants to meet someone and fall in love, based solely on an emotional connection. Finding someone with a great personality is usually a process that is clouded over by appearances and the assessment of aesthetic image, but Sexy Beasts stands to change that perspective entirely.

  Potential love matches are costumed with makeup and prosthetics to create the ultimate disguise. Each single contestant gets to see the real face of their ‘match’, only after they’ve selected them!

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  Sexy Beasts is a new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test. pic.twitter.com/ES7pkvWTOM

  — Netflix (@netflix) June 23, 2021

  Sexy Beasts is being hailed as a true opportunity for real people to get past the superficial elements of the dating game. It can be incredibly frustrating for singles to get to know someone’s personality only after their physical selves have been presented as a perfect match. To alleviate the pressure of looks and superficiality, Netflix ensures full disguises completely conceal each person’s identity, and contestants are forced to rely on personality traits, alone. The conventional comforts of appearances are completely eliminated.


  One thing you can count on for sure is the presence of a whole lot of makeup and prosthetics. Makeup artists and designers are hard at work for this show, creating unique animal characters and physical disguises that are unique, bizarre, and completely wild. The contestants will not have any opportunity to see past these intricate cover-ups and will have no choice but to rely on meaningful connections to get past this series.

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  It may take some viewers a bit of time to warm up to this series, and that’s ok. In spite of the fact that we haven’t even seen a single episode of this show yet, it has already been revealed that Netflix has automatically signed up for two full seasons of Sexy Beasts.?Producers have high hopes for the success of the show and are convinced that the unique elements of their programming will attract significant viewership.


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  It’s safe to say that Sexy Beasts is already drawing quite a bit of attention. Fans have already responded well to the more conventional dating shows that have been presented, and by all accounts, this one sounds far more intriguing and more likely to be too good to pass up. Even fans that are baffled by what they see within the trailer are intrigued enough to tune in, just to see how this bizarre plot line plays out. Fans are already buzzing with excitement to see this for themselves.

  No, you’re not hallucinating. SEXY BEASTS is a new dating show that uses cutting edge prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test. On Netflix, 21 July. pic.twitter.com/Puvz3wcD7p

  — Netflix UK & Ireland (@NetflixUK) June 23, 2021

  The show is new to us but has already passed the test in the UK. Sexy Beasts is based on a British series that was created for BBC Three, and when that was first released, it was an instant hit in the UK. The shock value that was offered through the show was a huge hit and it is expected to be the same when presented to a North American audience. It’s been tried, tested, and proven to be a huge success already!

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  There are some juicy details available for fans that need to know the specifics. It has been reported that each season is a six-part series of episodes.? The fun starts on Netflix with a global audience able to begin tuning in on July 21st. Saddle up, because the second season will also feature six, equally wild episodes and will come shortly thereafter, with a release date slotted in for late this year.

  There will be 48 cosmetic transformations that span cross the 2 seasons of the show.

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  The narrating voice that takes fans along this wild ride and unique dating journey is one that many fans will recognize. Comedian Rob Delaney has been secured as the narrator of the series, and he’s geared up and ready to bring excitement to his fans.? Rob Delaney has previously starred on Amazon’s Catastrophe and brings the perfect blend of flawless narration and delicate humor to the table. He’s poised to lead fans on the most unique dating journey this audience has ever seen.

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