[sonic free riders]State suspends enforcement of gas station self-service ban due to heat

Tag: 2021-08-15 22:46

  This has to be one of the most ridiculous laws this state has. I get that at the time they were trying to create more jobs but they should have tried to create more jobs in sectors that contribute more to the state. Where would all these people go if the law changed you ak? Just look around, burger king is offering a sign on bonus, starbucks in redmond closed the drive thru due to staffing in redmond, sonic cant keep the parking stalls open due to staffing. Fact is there are plenty of jobs to be had out there.

  I actually had an attendant tell me that its not safe for me to pump my own gas and that I could blow up the gas station if I did. I laughed and asked him when the last time a gas station blew up anywhere with all the safety devices installed on modern pumps. He didnt have an answer.

  Ive pumped my own gas for 38 years without any incident before moving here. Think how much more the gas stations could put in their pockets without having to pay these folks to do something any citizen can do. Time for this nonsense to go away.