[Pokémon Brilliant Diamond]Everything Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Need to Adapt From Platinum

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  Like many of the third installments in earlier generations of Pokemon games, Pokemon Platinum added content and fleshed out the game’s story.

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  Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Giratina

  Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will remake?a fan-favorite generation of Pokemon. The Sinnoh region introduces a lot of lore to the series alongside some important Legendary Pokemon. As the first Pokemon?remakes on the Nintendo Switch,?Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have a lot of expectations from fans. Story and graphical upgrades are only the beginning when considering what all to add to the two games.

  Well before the days of Pokemon DLC games like Platinum, Emerald, and Yellow often added things to the base Pokemon experience that may have been missing in their generational counterparts. While Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s?story did a lot for the series,?Pokemon Platinum’s additions helped to round out Generation 4. Building on the duo’s narrative, gameplay, and using its additions as inspiration could provide a well-rounded experience both respectful of the originals while?incorporating the best possible combination of the past and present.

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  Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Giratina

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  pokemon platinum trade haunter gengar

  The story in Pokemon Platinum does not differ too much from Diamond and Pearl but it does build on what was previously there. Pokemon Platinum does a good job at providing more details and pushing?some critical aspects of Gen 4’s story and lore. This was accomplished by adding certain events and emphasizing particular NPC actions.

  The villainous organization Team Galactic takes more direct measures in Pokemon Platinum such as harnessing resources like the Valley Windworks and planting a bomb in the Great Marsh. The severe actions they take underline their efforts to re-create the world and harness the powers of Palkia and Dialga. Platinum also uses both Legendary Pokemon in the story?rather than?only one, which?helps with the introduction of the third of the Creation Trio, Giratina.


  With space and time in danger, Giratina’s role in Pokemon Platinum is somewhat like Rayquaza’s role in Pokemon Emerald. The Pokemon is necessary to prevent a catastrophic disaster, on a cosmic scale, and as an available Legendary Pokemon to capture. While it might not seem like much Giratina’s presence with both Palkia and Dialga helps to reinforce how intense the entirety of Gen 4’s story is with a greater focus than just space or time.

  Pokemon Distortion World

  Giratina’s increased importance in the story for Pokemon Platinum brought a couple of major changes to some of the final parts of the?game as well. This resulted in the introduction of the Distortion World, Giratina’s home, and where the Pokemon appears in its Origin Forme. Distortion World was a visually cool and unique addition for Platinum but the area could benefit?drastically from the remakes.


  The area’s M.C. Escher-style physics created a space that is incredibly unique for the franchise. Thanks to the increased power of the Nintendo Switch as well as the interdimensional lore added to the series in Pokemon Sun and Moon,?Distortion World could be overhauled if adapted for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

  While, visually, it would still be a great experience on stronger hardware, the gameplay for Distortion World could be extended past the main story. The area could become the main way of catching Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Working similarly to Dynamax Adventures from Pokemon Sword and Shield,?such an adaption of Distortion World in the remakes?could increase the replay value of the area. On top of increasing some endgame content, it would also allow for a wider array of Legendary Pokemon to appear.


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  Ignoring Pokedex - Pokemon Things That Ruin Playthrough

  Pokemon Platinum?provided a lot of access to other Legendary Pokemon beyond Gen 4’s?main mascots and the Lake Trio. As cool as a fleshed-out and permanent Distortion World would be, there should still be alternative methods to obtain Legendary Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. With the introduction of Pokemon like Regigigas, the original Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum expanded upon?the lore established in prior generations.?Taking this a step further could complement the newer aspects of the franchise introduced in Pokemon’s more recent years.


  New Pokedex additions like the regional Legendary Birds alongside Regidrago and Regieleki in Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC are a great opportunity to continue the intergenerational tradition. Making both versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos?catchable alongside both new and classic Regis could be a fantastic way to increase post-story content as well.?And it could go even deeper and tie in Pokemon like Regigigas and others across regions and generations to mirror Gen 4’s focus on space and time.

  The idea of keeping a full roster is not exclusive to Platinum’s Legendary Pokemon though. This same practice could be extended to the other wild Pokemon available in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s base game. Platinum did a solid job at uniting version exclusive Pokemon and filling out much of the Pokedex. While there were still some Pokemon excluded from Platinum, it is entirely possible to take the game’s original ambition and provide a truly expansive National Dex?on the Nintendo Switch.


  Pokemon Great Marsh

  A memorable part of Pokemon’s early generations is the Safari Zone and Pokemon Platinum had its own iteration. The Great Marsh was changed from its original design in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?to one that was unique to?Platinum. The inclusion of this?feature could be a great source of nostalgia for older fans but could also provide a more functional aspect.

  The Great Marsh?is an opportunity?to implement the recent concept of regional Pokemon as it contains?species?that cannot be found anywhere else in Sinnoh. For example, while a Galarian Ponyta?and Kanto Cubone are available in the wild, Kanto Ponyta and Galarian Marowak could be available in the Great Marsh.?Pokemon has a history of innovation when it comes to?remakes,?and this could be a fun way to show how far the series has come. Seeing the Great Marsh and other new features that Pokemon Platinum brought to Gen 4 would be a fantastic way to connect the?new and old generations.


  Pokemon?Brilliant?Diamond?and?Shining?Pearl?will?release on November 19, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

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