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  Have fun and switch up your usual routine (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

  Whether you’ve lived together or not during lockdown, most couples have had a lot of extra time to get to know each other over the past year.

  However, as many can attest, it’s easy to get stuck into a routine when you don’t have social activities and places to go to spice things up.

  Thankfully, there are ways to bring back a bit of spontaneity.

  It may sound a bit too much like ‘organised fun’ for your liking, but trust us when we say that a simple game can change up your evening.

  There aren’t many things we can go out and do right now, so bring the date night home and play one of these fun couples games.

  We’ve made sure all of these can be played without needing to buy special equipment, so everyone can enjoy.

  If you’re looking for a game that’ll get things going in the bedroom, the blindfold game is fun and a little cheeky.

  Put a blindfold on your partner, and prepare some items like fruit, a glass of fizz, whipped cream, or even sex toys.

  Have your partner feel, taste, and smell the items to guess what they are. There’s no objective as such, other than to heighten their senses and get you both in the mood.

  When was the last time you played truth or dare?

  It might be thought of as a game for teenagers, but you can always switch it up for adults.

  Try sexual questions and dares if you want to up the spice levels (such as ‘What’s the thing I do to you that makes you go wild?’ or ‘I dare you to give me a striptease’).

  If you’d rather keep it PG, you can ask questions like their most embarrassing moment, or dare your partner to text a silly phrase to a random person in their contacts.

  Adding in tailored forfeits is another way to keep it extra interesting.

  You may have seen this one on TikTok, and it will require being near a shop or having a car to get you there.

  You each separately write down what you want to eat for starter, main, and dessert, as well as what you’ll have to drink.

  When you’re at the shops together you play rock paper scissors to determine who gets to decide each course.

  When you get home, do the same for a film or TV show, or other activities to see you through the night.

  What’s extra fun about this one is you can end up with some odd combinations or your absolute favourites.

  There are two ways to play a fun scavenger hunt; one in the home or one while you’re out on a walk.

  For the home version, hide clues around the house for your partner to find, with a prize at the end. You can find great ideas for these online, or tailor it to private jokes you share as a couple.

  If you’re out and about, it’s more of a bingo to spot things as you walk. They might be mundane things like a coin on the floor or a particular flower, but you incorporate this into your day or evening.

  Whoever sees one of the items you’ve decided on, the other one has to do a forfeit or take a drink (if that’s allowed where you are).

  One for couples who aren’t afraid to get silly (and wet), innuendo bingo was popularised by Radio 1, who’d have celebs play the game as part of shows.

  You’ll need a bucket or large bowl, and two glasses of water.

  One person takes a big sip from their glass, while the other tells them stupid jokes, makes faces, and generally tries to get them to laugh and spit out their water.

  Have a watch of some of the celebrity episodes of innuendo bingo on YouTube if you want ideas to have them in stitches (and wet).

  Never have I ever is an especially fun game for new couples or those still getting to know each other better.

  One partner says ‘never have I ever [insert something they might have done here]’. If they have done it, they have to drink, but it’s easy to change it from a drinking game to add forfeits instead.

  Those forfeits can be sexual if you wish, or things like ‘cook dinner’ or ‘do the washing up’. Whatever works for you.

  We’ve compiled a huge list of saucy questions to get started with.

  The game chubby bunnies is normally played at kids parties, and involves putting multiple marshmallows in your mouth and trying to successfully say chubby bunnies.

  It always ends in howling laughter, but you can switch it up by saying something different once your mouth is absolutely full of mallows.

  It can be a joke or a pet name, but if they can’t guess what it is you’re saying, they’ll have to do a forfeit.

  We all know the traditional game Guess Who? Imagine if the faces in that game were people you both know or celebrities.

  You play the game the same way just without the board, and you can deviate from normal questions by asking more personal things to find out who the other partner is thinking of.

  If you know each other well, you’ll need to get very creative with this game.

  Tell your partner two truths and a lie, and they’ve to guess which one’s a lie. Because you’re already privy to most of each other’s lives, you have to go completely ridiculous with it.

  Take inspo from Bob Mortimer on Would I Lie to You? and make your partner laugh out loud.

  Only the sturdiest couples will come out of this unscathed, which is part of the fun of this dark-humoured game.

  Take one of your phones and record yourself saying ‘I’m passing the phone to someone who…’ along with a funny but harsh insult about your partner.

  You can make jokes about smelly feet or snoring or weird habits they have. As long as it’ll be taken like a joke and isn’t an actual sore spot for them, the sky’s the limit.

  Have a look on TikTok for the ‘pass the phone challenge’ for ideas to get you started.

  Couples who love cooking will enjoy this date night.

  Set a budget and have your partner pick out items at the supermarket within that. They have to be random items (no picking the ingredients to your favourite meal). Or, you could both pick out a couple of ingredients and put them together.

  When you get home, the task is to create a tasty date night meal within a set time. Even if the meal is a strange one, you’ll enjoy experimenting to make your dish.

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