Lexaden Web Flow

Lexaden Web Flow (LWF) is the next generation framework with the asynchronous language allowing to program algorithm of systems behavior on a higher level. Similar to how browser interprets HTML code - LWF engine interprets business model written on Lexaden Web Flow to the complete applications. Asynchronous or dynamic business model managed by external events brings a new way of building enterprise applications.

Solutions and Benefits

Lexaden Web Flow defines a set of lexical, syntactic and semantic rules to describe business processes, the program's appearance and behavior is determined dynamically based on external events and programmed business model. Using the LWF you can write a program controlling the operations of your enterprise applications.

Lexaden web flow refers to: 

Lexaden Web Flow vs existing technologiesLexaden and others

When the user interacts with the system, it generates internal events interpreted by LFW engine into actions and defines the appearance and behavior according to the described scenarios of work.

So it appears to be some kind of communication between a human and a system when based on the predefined rules the application guides user through the system to solve a particular problem.

Lexaden Web Flow solves a lot of problems in enterprise application development:

  • Non-technical and technical professionals can specify, design, develop, test, and maintain applications and talk the same language. Before that they could not communicate in the same language and it led to misunderstandings and a significant rise in the development cost.
  • Now it is easy to adjust the system composed of independent fine-grained modules to the requirements of different customers. You just need to describe appropriate scenarios of systems work and systems will easily adjust to the necessary requirements.
  • Entrance to the new markets is now greatly simplified. You will only need to fix or re-build modules not in line with market requirements and to reprogram scenarios of system work.
  • Such systems are easier to develop by adding new modules and replacing the old ones.
  • Systems written in LWF are easy to integrate with each other. Existing systems can be combined into a single system with a central management of business processes that is easy to achieve with the help of LWF and the fine-grained modular architecture.

Look into reference documentation

    Lexaden Web Flow Panel Demo

    Lexaden Web Flow Panel is a Vaadin component that simplifies the usage of Lexaden Web Flow for Vaadin applications.

    Lexaden Web Flow Panel Demo demonstrates how a complex form can be split into several simple steps.

    Lexaden Web Flow Panel can be used to implement:

    •  Questionnaires
    •  Complex form flows
    •  Wizards
    •  Shopping Carts
    •  Exam Questions
    •  and so on...

     More details about using Lexaden Web Flow can be found in Getting Started Guide.

    Lexaden Administration Demo

    Here is showcase of advanced administration system based on Lexaden Web Flow. (Username/Password: demo/demo)

    Showcase Video - a screencast of an advanced administration system based on Lexaden Web Flow.


    Download Source Code - webflow-1.0.1-sources.jar 131 KB - available under Apache Licence 2.0

    Download Compiled JAR File  - webflow-1.0.1.jar  246 KB - available under Apache Licence 2.0

        <name>Lexaden Repository</name>                         


    If you would like to share your opinion or have some problems with Lexaden Web Flow please feel free to post your ideas on Lexaden Web Flow Forum

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